“Berkel”, antique flywheel slicers: sale, hobby-collecting, restoration and repairing.

About us

It is always difficult to describe ourselves especially when we know better what to do than what to say. So, first of all, I would like to exclaim “Come and meet us”. Come to our place in order to know where we live: noble places not only for working people who live here, but also for the extraordinary products coming from our old tradition.

Come and see our repair shop, the place where we make the one time objects to live again.

They are unique objects and we handle them with the utmost care due to the better “sole things” than any others, with the respect to the past masters for their abilities, with the reverence everyone owes to their history, to the hands that touched them, to the places where they “lived”, to the countries where they come from.

Then if you cannot absolutely reach us, we are going to introduce ourselves:

My name is Giovanni, I have been dealing with mechanical objects the last 55 year and since 1990 I go in for renovating amazing Berkel slicing machines and balances.

During the time, at the beginning with my daughter Cristina and afterwards with my son-in-law Giuliano, we have developed our small repair shop, which is appreciated worldwide. Our “pearls” shine in many different countries around the world.

Our mission is taking precious objects to their antique beauty, respecting their original historical period and their efficiency.

We enjoy taking care of the very small details and that induces us to execute few but valuable restorations.

Searching these wonderful machines and their various elements has been taking place for so many years, not just in Italy but in many foreigner countries. Our relatives, friends, acquaintances are involved in the research of slicers and balances which are getting more and more difficult to find; we have been looking for them in street markets, junk dealers, old wine bars, shops and everywhere there was a small possibility to find something out.

Difficulties are always so many, but what induces and incites ourselves to go on  is the PASSION! Our passion and the passion of the highly specialized workmen who co-operate with us.

So nowadays we are here, and step by step, our Berkel slicers and balances which we have been able to put into operation, are a lot. They are very perfect either to be used daily, either for the pleasure to own a unique furniture object, of great historical and value content improving during the time.

Giuliano’s commitment as working guide is essential for all the activities of our little but extraordinary team.

Very important is the role of Cristina, who is able to value efforts and feelings of Mine and Our Care.



In “Process of Our Restoration” we have reported all the steps of the main activities of restoration of the slicer Model .