“Berkel”, antique flywheel slicers: sale, hobby-collecting, restoration and repairing.

Berkel Electric Slicing Machine Model 836

Berkel Electric Slicing Machine Model 836


Berkel Electric 836

Manufacturing time:

1956-1970 about

Place of origin:

Head office



Slicing blade diameter: 250 mm


The Principles of Our Restoration

To give the utmost fidelity in considering of the historical period of the machines without injuring their full efficiency; consequently:

• we use spare parts and brand labels varnished with original paints as the result of our constant, meticulous and laborious research in every part of the world;

• when it is necessary, we manufacture the parts worn out by the times, using our best artisan knowledge and love;

• we do kiln varnishing, rejecting any transparent varnishes peremptorily, considering they did not exist in the time the machines we are look forward are referred;

• we make every decoration by hand, rejecting peremptorily the use of adhesives or the use of any airbrush;

• we issue the authenticity certification proven by copies of original drawings;

• we warrant their perfect working for a five year period.

  • To have complete information about our slicing machines we sell, please call 0039 338 2060215.