The Berkel electric slicers

The innovative slicer

In 1922, when electricity began to be partially integrated with manual slicers, the First World War had just ended, during which Wihelmus Van Berkel, in a moment of full growth and expansion, decided to diversify his production and adapt it to the needs of the conflict: in addition to the highly sought-after slicers, high-precision commercial scales, lathes, mechanical tools in general, ship engines and even seaplanes and airplanes are produced. In the 1930s, the definitive encounter between the innovation of the electric motor and manual flywheel slicers took place.
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The history of the brand was little more than thirty years, but the driving force of the historical period, characterized by great ferment, also influenced the genius of the Dutch butcher, inventor and then entrepreneur.

The electric slicers of the Berkel brand have more compact dimensions and can thus adapt to the smallest spaces of contemporary homes, they are easy to handle and therefore suitable for those who do not have a lot of manual skills. They are perfect for both professional and home use and despite their modern and attractive design, they have not lost the charm and elegance typical of Berkel and its manual model, quite the contrary! Their value is ensured by the prestige of the historic brand, a seal of refinement and a guarantee of quality, but also by the possibility of carrying out an accurate restoration on any model, which respects the production techniques used at the time and which preserves the efficiency of the product.
Most of the electric slicers we propose are of the classic bright red color, but you can also find black ones, with or without pedestal and the latest models are even made entirely of a special aluminum alloy. The ability to renew itself over the years, through cutting-edge materials and tools, while maintaining the values of the past, makes Berkel a unique brand, whose priceless luxury enriches every home or professional activity that decides to welcome one of its products with class.