The Berkel Scales

The art of balance

The Dutch inventor Van Berkel soon realized that the precious slicers, symbol of the brand, would be useful to combine with a precision instrument that would collect the products they perfectly sliced. The antique Berkel scales, dated to the early 1900s, with a classic and linear shape, iconic flaming red color, differ in size, vintage, variety of dishes (single or double plate, equal or spoon, in iron or copper) and type of weighing from (0 to 15 Kg or from 0 to 100 gr). Some were equipped with a dial with a particular numbering.
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Their extreme precision also made them suitable for use in post offices or pharmacies for the composition of powdered medicines. The production of Berkel scales carried a large weight and had great importance on the international market: they were the most requested as they were the most reliable and elegant, with truly innovative mechanisms. After all, mechanics had always been Van Berkel’s great passion and the combination with Berkel slicers is still perfect. From Rotterdam, where production began, the brand became famous all over the world. Among our proposals there are also some suspended scales, produced between 1955 and 1960, which have a maximum capacity of 10kg and whose plate can be in steel or opaline. In the same years, Italy stands out for the exclusive production of the Berkel model 900 scale: maximum capacity of 15 kg and division of 5 grams, lower suspension mechanism. Originally it was painted in the colors: red, mahogany, gold, copper and white and the support plates of the goods were of different sizes and shapes according to the needs of the customers. If you own one and want to restore it, our service is tuned to perfection and will give your object a new luster and efficiency!