To confirm an order we require a deposit of 30% by bank transfer, and the total balance of the invoice before delivery.

  • We can successfully ship slicers all over the world, with the due care to ensure fast and safe deliveries.
  • The goods are protected by “All Risk” insurance for loss of goods or damage caused during transport.
  • The goods are shipped completely assembled in special custom-made boxes: upon receipt of the goods the customer will just open the crates and place its slicer or scale, and he can immediately start using it.
  • For balances, the breakage of the balance wheel belt (a very delicate component) is not covered by insurance, it is an event with a risk percentage of 1.5%. If the scale arrives with imperfections due to impacts or other travel-occuring clashes, it remains effectively covered by insurance.
  • If required, we can arrange deliveries carried with our staff.
  • Each slicer is accompanied by a photographic reportage that documents the work done during the restoration process.
  • We issue a 5-year guarantee on operation and a Certificate of Authenticity with the list of replaced parts.

The customer is provided with a video that shows all the operations necessary for the use and maintenance of the slicer or scale.

The Berkel company has never used the transparent varnish (at that time it had not yet been invented), for this reason our company uses an “ultra high solid” (UHS) type varnish, top of the range Auto Refinish, that guarantees authenticity and respect during all stages of restoration.
The painting is done in “direct glossing”, exactly as Berkel company did at the time.
Vintage cars and motorbikes are restored respecting these same principles, and that is why they are certified as such.

The decorations are handmade with top-of-the-range paint and guaranteed for wear over time, so they do not need to be protected with transparent paint.

They are decals that were made up to the 1950s. They were painted on a paper support, and then applied with a specific process on the slicer or scale with copal paint.