The Berkel Coffee Grinders

To release the authentic aroma of coffee

In the years that followed the death of the founder of the brand Wilhelmus Van Berkel, which took place in 1952 in Montreux, the production of the Berkel brand was further expanded: among the new objects also innovative coffee grinders, rich in style. Certainly, the glossy red color and the advanced technical characteristics could not be missing.
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Here you will find a model from 1949, carefully and perfectly restored according to our principles, which you can read on our The Art of Restoration page.
But why buy a coffee grinder? To have a coffee like that of the bar, prepared with a homemade blend that guarantees a coffee with a fresh, intense and unmistakable aroma, precisely because it has just been ground. In fact, preserving the already ground coffee, even if hermetically, alters the quality of the product as the grinding operation is carried out long before consumption. Factors such as the place of storage and climatic conditions can affect the taste and quality of the coffee. Have we convinced you? Furthermore, the unique design of the Berkel coffee grinder makes it a real design object, the perfect ornament for your kitchen or your business.