Our Berkel brand selection

Slicers since 1898

Our best Berkel slicers are the models that have made history, with their sophistication, refinement and importance in the evolution of the Dutch brand. They are models that include the oldest slicers of the era, both “flywheel” and electric, examples of timeless quality and elegance, but also of the genius of the European industry at the turn of the 1800s and 1900s. But how did this incredible “Berkel” legend come about?
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It all began in 1898 when Wihelmus Adrianus Van Berkel, a Dutch butcher with a great passion and aptitude for mechanics, had set himself the goal of being able to build a machine that would allow him to cut slices of meat without having to resort to manual cutting with the knife. After countless attempts, he finally had the correct intuition. It was 1898 and the first mechanical slicer was born: a concave blade rotated perpendicularly against a movable plate that slid back and forth and on which was the piece of meat or salami to be cut. On 12 October of the same year, van Berkel founded his first factory in Rotterdam and in a short time the success of his invention allowed him to expand production worldwide. Even today, after more than 100 years, their charm still lives on. Perfectly restored, ensuring maximum fidelity to the historical period of reference without compromising the full efficiency, they are a design object that embellishes your home and gives perfectly sliced food to your table. Since the 1990s, the passion for Berkel has led us to deepen the restoration technique, with the aim of restoring the original charm to our “treats”: we arrange the parts marked by time with craftsmanship and love. The love and dedication that have distinguished the Berkel brand for more than 100 years and that have made it a lifestyle. A lifestyle similar to beautiful and unique things, handcrafted thanks to ancient techniques that require a very high level of execution and great precision.