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Berkel scale model B produced in Holland

Model: B

Manufacturing time: 1940-1958 about

Place of origin: Holland- Rotterdam

Colour: Red

Weight: 7kg

Dimensions: width 30cm – depth 26cm – heigh 51cm

The manifesto of our Berkel restoration

We do ensure maximum fidelity to the historical period of reference: here’s why we apply the oven painting without the use of transparent paint, as originally done in all Berkel models.We use the original copal paint brands of the time.

In the same philosophy we carry out decorations by hand without the use of an airbrush and issue the “Certificate of Authenticity”, guaranteeing excellent operation for 5 years after delivery.

For further information please read the page “Art of Restoration”.
For information about the machines on sale, please send us an email at .


Bilancia Berkel modello B

Bilancia Berkel modello B