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Berkel slicer model L

Model: Berkel L (for the Italian market)

Manufacturing time: 1907 – 1916

Place of origin: Netherlands- Rotterdam

Colour: Red

Slicing blade diameter: 350 mm

Weight: 101kg

Dimensions: width 66cm – depth 84cm – height 63cm

Note: Both vintage and replica pedestals are available

Historical Notes Berkel L

Berkel slicer mod. L, built in the same period of models R – 1 – 2, is the best sold of the range. That obviously thanks to its more reasonable cost than the other models that have a more sophisticated and expensive mechanisms. In fact the model L mechanics is equal to its previous models C – D.

The flower patterned flywheel  puts a gearing into action moving as the blade and two connecting rods hidden under the slicer bottom, producing the movement of the shifting cart.

The shifting cart is driven by an adjustable slit located in the upper side of the base and runs on two bakelite-covered tracks thanks to the help of four wheels.

On the shifting cart, a graduated rod, connected with a lever to the cog-wheel, states the slice thickness. During the cart shifting, a slide shaped stirrup, fixed on the base of the machine, puts that lever provided with a small wheel into action. This generates the rotation  of the cog wheel connected to the endless screw, where the vice comb is inserted, establishing the product cutting.

Another feature that must be emphasized is the mode to adjust the vice towards the blade at the wishing position; that’s to say:

  • to move the vice closer to the blade, a lever connected with the cog-wheelis moved many times;
  • to move the vice away from the blade, the comb of the endless screw is removed by means a handle and is slid in the whishing position.

Moreover it is important to mention that the vice consists of two opposed rack rods, connected by a toothed arm, inserted with a slot on the shifting cart, and acts on the product to be sliced.

The shoulder has the classic round and closed shape. There are fixed on it: the hub

supporting the blade, the plated tray where the slices fall, the front and the back blade protectors, the label of the Berkel brand located on the plate bottom.

The sharpener is nickeled and consists of more parts on view without any fairings.

The manifesto of our Berkel restoration

We do ensure maximum fidelity to the historical period of reference: here’s why we apply the oven painting without the use of transparent paint, as originally done in all Berkel models.We use the original copal paint brands of the time.

In the same philosophy we carry out decorations by hand without the use of an airbrush and issue the “Certificate of Authenticity”, guaranteeing excellent operation for 5 years after delivery.

For further information please read the page “Art of Restoration”.
For information about the machines on sale, please send us an email at .

Berkel slicer model L red

Berkel slicer model L red

Berkel slicer model L red

Berkel slicer model L red

Berkel slicer model L red

Berkel slicer model L red

Berkel slicer model L red

Berkel slicer model L red

Berkel slicer model L red

Berkel slicer model L red